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With Holochain, we are delivering the technical foundations of Web 3.0 that support thriving, regenerative, creative communities and economies. As co-founder and CEO, Mary leads the team building and launching the infrastructure for the Holo network which connects Holochain’s serverless P2P apps to the centralized Internet.

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We are building the technical foundations of Web 3.0 to support thriving, regenerative, creative communities and economies with Holochain. Based in Gibraltar, Mary is the CEO of Holo, the cloud platform built on Holochain which connects P2P apps to today's DNS based Internet. Holochain is the lightweight, secure, and versatile framework for building fully distributed applications. A profound step beyond the blocks, with no mining, and no expensive storage costs, Holochain is just serverless P2P apps, with easy cross-chain coordination.

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A social scientist by education, with a Masters degree from the University of Chicago, Mary Camacho has been a leader, founder and executive in tech and telecom firms for over 20 years. She has advised many startups in strategy, funding and product development. Today, Mary is the CEO of Holo Limited based in Gibraltar. Holo, built on the new peer-to-peer application framework Holochain, is driving edge computing with a P2P marketplace for cloud hosting services.

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Co-Founder & CEO, Holochain & Holo
Future of Web3 and Distributed, Collaborative Tech

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Mary's Topics
  • Regulatory challenges at the intersection of Web3 and utility/asset backed currency
  • Your Data = Your IP: Selective Privacy & Data Ownership
  • Can you control what you share? Your creations vs your data
  • Creator economies rooted in provenance and participation
  • Provenance & Trust: foundations for a regenerative green economy
  • Web3+Web5 & Music: community economies for digital creatives
  • Anti-capture and Capture-resistance in Web 5
  • From self-sovereign identity to sovereign accountable commons - the technical and social architectures for thriving.
  • How Holochain uses selective consensus so DLTs can scale and support human social systems

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Mary Camacho's Conference in Crypto Gibraltar 2022
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Mary Camacho's Conference in Crypto Gibraltar 2022

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