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Today's Update - May 20th

Chess to be added to Longitudinal hApps Test soon

Today's Update - May 13th

Longitudinal hApps Test going very well

Today's Update - May 6th

Public Longitudinal hApp Test begins

Today's Update - April 29th

Holo Hosted Elemental Chat Testing Resumes

Today's Update - April 24th

Holochain's dev speed & considerations for Holo infrastructure

Today's Update - April 15th

Approaching Longitudinal hApp Testing

Announcing the Holochain Developer Education Initiative

In the coming years, Holo is committing upwards of $2M to build and foster an ecosystem of developers.

Monthly Roundup for Holo & Holochain

Monthly Roundup for April 2022

Monthly Roundup for Holo & Holochain

Monthly Roundup for March 2022

Today's Update - April 29th

Holo Hosted Elemental Chat Testing Resumes

Public statements regarding Hosting USB

We’ve received several questions from the community regarding the video interview, emails, website, and presale by the “Holo Virtual Machine, LLC'' organization. At a high level what th...

Holochain Roadmap & Holo Milestones

Holo in Q4: Three milestones in three months! The Holochain Roadmap: Check it out!

Unenclosable Carriers and the Future of Communication

The Power of Peer-to-Peer, Part 1 of 3

Web3, entangled

Holochain: a marlinspike to undo the knots

What Happens if there is Unacceptable Behavior in Elemental Chat?

What does moderation look like on Elemental Chat?

Deeper Questions about the Elemental Chat Public Test

Dig into more details about moderation, network seeds, and forking hApps.

What to Expect from the Elemental Chat Public Test

Testing Holochain and Holo hosting's capacity to operate at scale.

RedGrid: Carbon Neutral By 2030

Forty-nine degrees Celsius outside. Suddenly, the climate crisis felt pretty real.

The HoloPort Alpha Program

Paying for use of HoloPorts during Alpha

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