Monthly Roundup for Holo & Holochain

Monthly Roundup for July 2022

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We are finally approaching the cusp of fall/spring folks! We hope everyone is having a lovely summer, or winter depending on where you are located. Thanks for tuning in, please check out what the team has been up to over the last month :)

Holochain Developer Education Initiative

The team had a great time connecting with the community at the first session of the Holochain Developer Education Initiative. Thank you to everyone who applied, and we are looking forward to hosting another session soon.

Testing and QA for Publish hApps Pre-release

The last week was a beehive of activity as the Holo dev team prepared the release of the Publish hApps milestone for QA testing. This milestone is about Holochain apps being able to be ‘published’ to the Holo network by Alpha Program Publishers. The apps they publish will be hosted on HoloPorts (also in the Alpha Program) and may be accessible to end users depending on how each publisher coordinates their own testing. If you are curious about the — hot from the press dev updates — those can be found on Holo Twitter.

Regular Holo Dev Updates on Twitter

If you are curious about the — hot from the press dev updates — those can be found on Holo Twitter.

Quantised Gossip, Optional Countersigners, and More

Paul came back from the Holochain & Rust Developer Immersive to find a big pile of interesting things to write about. One, of course, was the Immersive itself, which I’ll share about next week. But for this week, here are the usual weekly release changelogs for the last six releases (there are some important changes in there) and notes from around the ecosystem.

Read the whole Dev Pulse here!

Mini-spotlight: Kizuna, a private messenger app

Kizuna is a messaging application for one-on-one or group conversations.Kizuna empowers people to message each other completely privately, without the involvement of a central server. The app is open-source and is being developed by a non-profit group called the Holochain Institute of Japan.

Read more about Kizuna and what they’re building on Holochain.

Rust In Blockchain Newsletter

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Holo & Holochain Community Meme & Brand Guide

We’ve created a brand and meme guide to help our community create awesome memes, without any copyright infringement! Please check it out here.

We’re Hiring! Holo is excited to continue our mission by expanding our team. Check out the open positions below:

Interested in building a hApp? Join the Holochain Developer Forum and start your journey!

If you have general questions about Holo, Holochain, or HoloPorts — or want to join our community — the best place to start is on our Twitter, Holochain, or Holo Reddits.

For specific questions or any technical issues regarding Holo or HoloPorts, you can read more, or contact us directly at

Cheers to making it all the way to June. And thanks for reading if you made it this far ;)

— Sarah @ Holo

About Holo

Holo is a distributed cloud hosting marketplace for peer-to-peer apps built on Holochain. We're helping to build a better Web.

Holo is to cloud hosting what Airbnb was to hotels—anyone can become a host by turning their computer into a source of revenue, getting paid in HoloFuel for hosting peer-to-peer applications to the legacy web. By hosting P2P apps, you support a web that empowers your peers and communities.

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