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We were in the middle of the latest dev-test on Friday and we continued testing in that dev release channel throughout the weekend. The great news is that Holochain RSM with basic networking is proving to be quite resilient and we are experiencing the promise of Holochain's distributed design.What that means is that we are seeing the type of eventual consistency in the testing that is exactly required for scalable peer-to-peer applications. Users who go offline are able to come back online and the app will catch up with everything that happened while they were away. Despite all the testing with hundreds of nodes using the previous version of Holochain - this key characteristic of eventual consistency was never fully working, so to have this working is a huge leap forward.Prior to this current dev-test we were able to resolve a few bugs in Holochain relatively quickly and easily once our testing and tracing tools were updated to work with RSM. We have since fixed a few more issues in Holochain from this round. Today is day 5 of the dev-test and more of our internal team are joining the chat network. We'll continue this longitudinal testing as the Holo dev team works through a few remaining bugs before we prepare for releasing Elemental Chat first to our community testers and then to all hosts.

About Holo

Holo is a distributed cloud hosting marketplace for peer-to-peer apps built on Holochain. We're helping to build a better Web.

Holo is to cloud hosting what Airbnb was to hotels—anyone can become a host by turning their computer into a source of revenue, getting paid in HoloFuel for hosting peer-to-peer applications to the legacy web. By hosting P2P apps, you support a web that empowers your peers and communities.

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