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Approaching Longitudinal hApp Testing

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We're getting close to the release of our next Holo milestone, Longitudinal hApp Testing. Elemental Chat will be tested on the Holo infrastructure with no pre-determined limit for how long we keep it available. This is a longevity test primarily for use by our biz dev team and other partners building hApps and to gather data about use over time. Following the initial release, additional hApps will be added to the infrastructure. This release sets us up for future publishing milestones where we'll work with early adopter app developers who want to publish their hApps in a live test environment. We've recently updated Elemental Chat to a recent version of Holochain and we're doing regression testing for minor changes.

Nearly every HoloPort that has been fully paid for has now shipped--and been received--by new hosts in more than 50 countries.

About Holo

Holo is a distributed cloud hosting marketplace for peer-to-peer apps built on Holochain. We're helping to build a better Web.

Holo is to cloud hosting what Airbnb was to hotels—anyone can become a host by turning their computer into a source of revenue, getting paid in HoloFuel for hosting peer-to-peer applications to the legacy web. By hosting P2P apps, you support a web that empowers your peers and communities.

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